Category Origin Examples
1 Ex-factory
Manufacturers of plastics components or products
  • Lumps
  • End of runs
  • Out of specification product
  • Under-sized or over-sized products
  • Manufactured by-product like thermoforming skeletal, film edge trim
2 Post-industrial Convertors, fillers, installation sites, fabricators, printers, contractors
  • Misprints
  • Shavings from butt welders
  • Bits and pieces from fabricators
  • Off-cuts from sign-writers
  • Short lengths of pipes
  • Carpet offcuts
  • Pallet wrapping
  • Shrouds and dust covers
  • Packaging materials from logistic companies, furniture stores and retailers
  • Out of specification products from original equipment manufacturers, e.g. Toyota and BMW
  • Fridge manufacturers
  • Non-wovens from nappy manufacturers
  • Stationery manufacturers
3 Post consumer Agricultural waste
  • Greenhouse, silage and mulch films
  • Woven- and grain bags
  • Banana blue bags
  • Insecticide and pesticide drums
  • Fishing nets, crayfish traps
  • Picking crates and -bins
Industrial waste, waste generators
  • Skeletal from in-line blister- and skin packaging companies
  • Faulty products from form-fill and seal lines, e.g. yogurt, chicken pieces, crisps
Commercial waste from hotels, conference centres and office parks
  • Vending cups
  • Take-away food containers
  • Water and cool drink bottles
  • Film used as dust covers and laundry bags
  • Shrink- and stretch film
  • Protective packaging
  • Retail coat hangers
  • Crates
  • Shopping trolleys and -baskets
Domestic waste from separation at source projects, drop-off centres
  • Packaging films
  • Margarine-, yoghurt- and ice cream tubs
  • Milk bottles
  • Water- and cool drink bottles
  • Broken chairs, tubs and containers
Domestic waste from municipal solid waste stream picked from landfill
  • Same as above but much more soiled and contaminated with wet kitchen waste
4 In-house, Toll and Contract (pre‑consumer) Contract work from manufacturers of plastics components or products (could include the recycler with a converting process attached)
  • Lumps
  • Sprues and runners from injection moulded products
  • Tops and tails from blow moulded products
  • End of runs
  • Out of specification product
  • Undersized or oversized products
  • Manufacture by-product like thermoforming skeletal, film edge trim
  • Miss prints